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Review of Nad USB Dac1

This is a fantastic product which frees you from buying costly dvds, cd and blu ray players, especially if you are on tight budget and not too finicky for precision of audiophile sound. It gives freedom from copying audio files from your computer to ipod or usb to play via cd players , dvd players or bluray players. Simple to use out of the box there are two units. One the NAD transmitter with an usb which can be plugged into a laptop or PC and the actual DAC 1 receiver. The DAC 1 receiver can be connected to any amp through analogue or coaxial connection provided at the back of the unit.The unit comes with thee following items:1 Nad transmitter with usb to be connected to the PC or laptop ( just plug and play) 1 Receiver with built-in DAC to be connected to a stereo / digital amplifier or receiver with analogue or coaxial connectivity 1 Power adapter with multiple plugs for various regions 1 Rca cable ( audio 2 rca to 2 rca)Fantastic connectivity:Just connect the NAD transmitter with usb to the computer. and then connect the receiver to the amplifier/ receiver. Seamlessly whatever files you select from your computer starts playing through your amp attached to the speakers.I am playing in my room which is at least 40 feet away with a wall in between my amp and the computer in two different rooms. No break in signal whatsoever. The receiver unit does not become hot even after 3 hours of continuous play.Sound quality:I am using a HP All in one windows 7 PC and Foobar 2000 as the player. I am using NAD 326 BEE amplifier and Wharfedale 230 floor standing speakers to which the NAD DAC 1 receiver is hooked through analogue connectivity. Believe me the mp3 files from 128kbps to 320 kbps sound smooth with enough weight for bass effect and sufficient clarity in mid frequencies and high frequencies. The wav files sounded as good as cds. I use EAC to copy my rip my files from original cds. Coming to songs downloaded from internet ( mp3 files), depending on the recording quality the conversion through DAC allows sound quality to be much better than what we hear on computers. the dac unit bypasses the computer sound and cleans up the jitters. There is no humming sound or anything from speakers even between the two songs where there is a gap.I recommend this product for everyone who wants to do away with hassle of re-loading files into usb pen drives and ipods.Thanks to Mr. Anil of HIFI MART I could get this product at a reasonable price of INR 14700/ only while the listed price on his website and price quoted by the dealer in Mumbai was actually 24K+.The unit arrived in good condition with bill etc.So fellow music lovers and audio enthusiasts,to get freedom from file copying you can go for this product. Paired with NAD amps my feeling is it will work best, though I have not tried it out with other amplifiers.Final verdict: Another Great Product with good build and fairly good sound quality that should be able to satisfy the needs of music lovers and those who are not to critical about audiophile grade sound quality with highest levels of perfection!PS : According to me sound quality is relative to external environment, ear condition of the listener ,equipment used and quality of recording and type of music. Plus or minus , ABX test results, the listener's satisfaction is most important. Having said that , it is for each according to their own taste and affordability index that ultimately becomes a crucial factor in the world of music lovers to decide what to buy and have and whether or not that satisfies their musical tastes and preferences.

Nilanjan Sengupta
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