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Elemento Spider reference OEM (4 Shelf Version)

Elemento Spider reference OEM (4 Shelf Version)

Elemento Spider reference OEM (4 Shelf Version)

The function of a hifi rack is quite simple: to hold your hifi components while isolating them from any interference. It sounds simple but it is actually impossible unless you float the components in space. The solutions to this basic problem are sometimes bizarre, exotic, ugly, absurd or very expensive.

The shelves in this rack are height adjustable and we are selling the 4 Shelf version!

Let us start in order and design something clean and simple: we could place everything on the floor. No rack, no (rack-related) problems. But this requires you to take up huge surfaces for a few units and it will be very inconvenient for anybody to operate (the floor is lower than your back). So we all agree that some kind of a table is needed, and this is where the problems begin…

“Legless isn’t good for you”
Some argue that three legs are better that four, based on sound geometrical evidence. Although this is true, four legs can work just as well and allow better weight distribution leaving the back of the components free. The so called third leg will do fine if placed on the side (as in the TNT Flexi design) although producing an unequal weight distribution, but if it it is placed at the back (as with most commercially available racks) it will disturb cables.

“Inside a drum”
We have already expressed our concern about closed racks and their ability to resonate with the music. There are many solutions but just one Spider!

“Less is more”
The idea behind the Spider is simple: four legs connected by four arms that come together in the middle attached to a star-shaped metal crown. There are no separators. Therefore the closed box effect is avoided at source. The Spider sits on spikes. Finish is excellent; legs and connecting “star” are in polished alu-look, the connecting arms are in 6069-grade aluminium alloy.

Dimension: 890mm X 580mm X 520mm (H * W * D)

Weight capacity: 45kgs per shelf

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  • ₹34,000.00

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