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Luxman JPC-15000 XLR Cable (1.3m pair)

Pre-Order Luxman JPC-15000 XLR Cable (1.3m pair)

Luxman JPC-15000 XLR Cable (1.3m pair)

Main Features of the Luxman JPC-15000 XLR Cable (1.3m pair)

  • Large diameter, high-purity 7N-Class 99.99998% pure copper ensures lower impedance. Dia Ultra Crystallized Copper (DUCC), While keeping the same crystal size of conventional high-purity conductors, allows for an even higher grade conductor with optimized structural crystal alignment, resulting significantly improved conductivity. .
  • The integrated bound structure of the Left and Right channels minimizes unwanted ground loops. 
  • A newly developed adjustable branch holder with integral aluminum cover allows the length of the terminal to the holder to be easily adjusted without compromising the structural performance or appearance.
  • The non-twisted core structure eliminates unwanted inductance yielding unconstrained and lively sound.
  • Individual shielding for hot and cold transmission lines reduces line-to-line capacitance by half.
  • The internal and external sheathing pigment consists of non-magnetic carbon maintaining high sound quality with no coloration. The outer sheath is vivid blue.
  • The JPC15000 are fitted with genuine Neutric XLR connectors.

Specifications of Luxman JPC-15000 XLR Cable (1.3m pair)

  • Structure: Individual shielding for hot and cold transmission lines with non-twisted structure
  • Core wire: High purity copper (7N-Class D.U.C.C.)Φ0.26mm×19 pcs
  • Insulator: Polyethylene (red primary color)
  • Shielded wire : Oxygen-free copper(OFC)Φ0.18mm×38 pieces
  • Sheath :PVC(blue)
  • Drain wire: Oxygen-free copper (OFC)Φ0.08mm×30 pieces
  • Conductor resistance :18mΩ/m or less (at 20 ゚C)
  • Insulation resistance : 5000MΩ/m or more (at 20 ゚C)
  • Capacitance : 70pF/m or less
  • Withstand voltage : 1000VAC (for 1 minute)
  • Cable outside diameter: 10.5mm×20mm
  • Length : 1.3m

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