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Mogami 2803 RCA Interconnect (Terminated)

Mogami 2803 RCA Interconnect (pair terminated)

Mogami 2803 RCA Interconnect (pair terminated)

The Mogami 2803 has been evaluated as the world’s highest resolution and detailed audio interconnect manufactured by an oem. The cable provides a vivid original sound image, without any coloration to the signal in addition to having excellent dynamics coupled with a well separated, deep and wide soundstage .It is well known for its excellent resolution  of micro details,good attack and a gentle decay.

Though It  is such a resolving cable yet it doesn’t highlight or suppress any part of the audio spectrum. It has good extensions at both the bottom and the highest octaves, with a filled out midrange. The highs are sparkling, and the bass has heft and nice tonality

Excellent dynamaics coupled with a well separated, deep and wide soundstage are the characteristic traits of this cable.

The mogami 2803 is well known for its excellent resolution of microdetails,good attack and a gentle decay

It is without a doubt the choice of almost all studio professionals and recording houses owing to its neutrality and detail retrieval and finds place in reference home audio systems.

The cable is 4.0mm in diameter and  features a Teflon dielectric with a central OHNO copper conductor and a pure oxygen free copper braided shield and is offered in both unterminated lengths and factory terminated finished interconnects (3 feet m pair and 5 feet pair ) 


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  • Brand: Mogami
  • Product Code: Mogami 2803-T
  • Availability: In Stock
  • ₹7,800.00

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