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Mogami W2524 Instrument cable


Mogami W2524 Instrument cable

Mogami Gold W2524 high quality instrument cable is used worldwide in the best recording studios. With a diameter of only 6mm / 0.236 inches, this cable was designed for excellent sound in a durable package. Using high purity copper shielding ensures very low noise, while the high purity copper center conductor conveys ultimate tone. The cross-linked polyethylene dielectric is heat resistant and will not shrink as quickly as pvc

This Mogami cable is designed to prevent microphonics with a conductive carbon impregnated polymer sub-shield placed under the shield conductor. If you want the best cable to go from your instrument to your rig, Mogami 2524 is the choice.

The 2524 has an extremely low capacitance, superb noise rejection and amazing clarity, It is made with Mogami's patented Neglex conductors and is by far the world's most sought after studio cable brand, most major recording studios and leading sound engineers in the world uses Mogami cabling due to the legendary performance of these cables. You are buying the best when you buy Mogami. All Mogami cables are made in Japan using the best materials and technological know-how that comes from decades of research and development

Note: The carbon impregnated polymer subshield should be removed prior to soldering on connectors. Otherwise there is a potential for signal degradation

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