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Primare I15 Prisma

Primare I15 Prisma

Primare I15 Prisma

The Primare I15 Prisma is an integrated amplifier and network player providing 60 watts of power per channel.

I15 Prisma

I15 Prisma continues a Primare tradition of delivering astonishing performance from compact and elegant devices for easy installation into virtually any living environment. With the three-quarter-sized cabinet of I15 Prisma, even greater possibilities open up for providing the highest quality music performance and access to any and every room in the house.



I15 Prisma integrated amplifier is a compact, full-featured system control and power center, providing 60 watts of power per channel, digital to analog conversion with up to PCM 384kHz and DSD 128 capabilities, as well as complete digital media access and system management by way of the Prisma connectivity and control technology.


I15 Prisma features Prisma, Primare’s new whole-home, high-fidelity control and connectivity solution. Prisma provides multi-room/multi-zone connectivity and control for playback of stored and streamed media, wired or wireless, all managed from any mobile device through a dedicated system control app. In addition to Bluetooth, AirPlay, and Spotify Connect, Prisma features Chromecast built-in, a unique streaming portal allowing effortless direct connection to hundreds of streaming applications for the best possible performance and user experience.

Primare I15 Prisma Specifications


Output Power: 2 x 60W 8Ω; 2 x 100W 4Ω

Analog Input: 1 pair RCA

Analog Output: 1 pair RCA, switchable LINE or PRE

Frequency Response: 10Hz – 20kHz, -0.5dB

THD + N: < 0.05%, 20Hz – 20kHz, 10W at 8Ω

Signal to Noise: >80dB


Inputs: 3 x TOSLINK (192kHz/24 bit); 1 x RCA (192k/24 bit); 1 x 3,5 mini-plug (192kHz/24 bit); 1x USB-B (up to 768kHz/32bit; up to DSD256/11.2MHz)

Output: 1x RCA (analog in = 48kHz out; digital in = pass-through)

Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20kHz +0.1/-0.6dB

Signal to Noise: >90dB



Wired Inputs: USB-A, LAN (up to 192kHz/24 bit; DSD 128/5.6MHz)

Wireless Inputs: Bluetooth®, AirPlay, Spotify Connect, Chromecast built-in

WLAN: IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac compliant; 2.4/5gHz b, g, n mode


Control: C25 remote control; RS232; IR in/out; Trigger out

Dimensions (wxdxh): 350x329x73mm with knobs and connectors

Weight: 6.4kg


  • EISA, International, August 2018
    EISA AMPLIFIER 2018–2019 Award: Primare I15 Prisma

    Primare’s industrial design speaks volumes in this stylish, slimline amplifier. Despite being just three-quarters the size of conventional separates, it punches way above its weight in sound and features. Alongside conventional analogue inputs, there’s a hi-res PCM/DSD DAC plus Prisma connectivity and control technology that includes Bluetooth, AirPlay, Spotify Connect and Chromecast (with Roon) functionality. It sounds surprisingly good for its size – super-smooth and creamy with detail aplenty and satisfying stage depth. The proven Class D power amplifier is meaty enough to drive most loudspeakers, while the fascia’s crisp OLED display keeps track of source and volume settings. Factor in the svelte alloy casework and the I15 Prisma makes great sense for those seeking something out of the ordinary.

  • AVTech, United Kingdom, December 2018
    AVTech Media Award 2018/2019: Best Stereo Integrated Amplifier I15 Prisma

    This small-footprint integrated amplifier combines DAC and streaming capabilities with a Class D output stage inside a remarkably clean-looking chassis. It puts out a claimed 2x60W into 8ohm and delivers a sound that is more potent than its three-quarter-width dimensions might suggest. In use, its majestic grace, poise and control is matched by a measured and even tonality. Smooth, couth and sophisticated, Primare’s I15 Prisma proves that you can have the convenience of app control, stylish elegance and musical satisfaction all in one.

  • HiFi News, United Kingdom, October 2018
    I15 Prisma: Primare I15 Prisma networked amplifier

    Such is the elegant industrial design of this compact, network-capable integrated amp that its versatility might, on very brief examination, be missed. For alongside its fine sound there’s extensive functionality including Roon and Chromecast. Decidedly not a minimalist product, the Primare I15 Prisma is a lovely listen that packs a wealth of technology into a small box, and does so with great élan. HIGHLY COMMENED

    View full review

  • HiFi Choice, United Kingdom, December 2018
    I15 Prisma: Primare I15 Prisma

    Despite its copious amounts of facilities, you shouldn’t think of this amplifier as a lightweight in the sonic stakes. Yes, it has a dry and accurate presentation, rather than embellishing the music, but it’s always fun and is backed up by plenty of power, too. Smooth, couth and sophisticated, Primare’s new I15 Prisma shows that in today’s hi-fi world, you can have convenience, style and musical satisfaction in one box, at a very reasonable price. RECOMMENDED

    View full review

  • AudioVideo, South Africa, February 2019
    I15 Prisma: Primare I15 Prisma – This junior sounds quite senior!

    Yes, there is loads of detail, and a wide-open soundstage provides full and unencumbered access to the music. But it’s the sense of authenticity – the joy of being able to savour the performance as a whole, rather than seeking out and isolating specific elements – that makes the I15 so compelling.

    View full review

  • Stereo & Video, Russia, February 2019
    I15 Prisma: “OK, Primer!”

    This is precisely the most delicious thing with the Primare I15 Prisma - the capabilities of the most advanced network devices today combined with sound quality that most of these devices are not available by definition. And, importantly, improving the level of sound quality in this case refers not only to music on files or in streaming, but in general to everything that may produce sound, and that can be connected to this unit.

    View full review

  • FonoForum/HiFiForum, Germany, November 2018
    I15 Prisma: Open for Everything

    Primare succeeds in a brilliant performance: The compact I15 Prisma integrated amplifier is not only extraordinarily powerful, but with a clever trick it also supports all web services. Irrespective of the source used, the small amp forms a broad and deep stage, is able to draw instruments and voices extremely sharp into the room, and above all has those silky-fine timbres with which many of its larger siblings could enchant us. The resourceful Swedes simply know how to force listeners to teeter in time with the music - and that's what counts!

    View/download full review as PDF

  • HVT, The Netherlands, September 2018
    I15 Prisma: Compact, All-In-One and Just Right

    Compact and Powerful: The dimensions of the I15 say nothing about the performance, because the amplifier combines power and refinement and by the broad support of modern hi-res audio formats you can also enjoy the best quality music. The I15 Prisma indeed delivers, as Primare has already thought up, performance that matches the Swedish expression 'LAGOM'. This is just right. Especially when you look at the price.

    View/download full review as PDF

  • HiFi einsnull, Germany, November 2018
    I15 Prisma: “alter schwede” (“Gosh”)

    The Primare I15 Prisma is a great-sounding, modern hi-fi system. Flexible and equipped with a wonderfully powerful amplifier. The I15 offers everything you need to really enjoy listening to music. Whether you want to describe this as a Scandinavian way of life or elegant simplicity, is up to you. However, it is clear that with the I15 Primare has created a slim, versatile and powerful sound system. So, they're just doing something right, these Swedes.

    View/download full review as PDF

  • Audio, Germany, October 2018
    I15 Prisma: Licensed to Sound

    May I introduce myself? Prisma! Primare Prisma! That would be the words of the I15, if
    it should play the main role in a James Bond movie. The I15 just has a "license to sound.”
    For me, as a pronounced digital fan, the I15 Prisma was a real revelation. Great app, super-fast response in all situations, and a great, powerful sound. After a short time, I did not want to give it up. 97 points - Outstanding

    View/download full review as PDF

  • Stereo, Germany, October 2018
    I15 Prisma: On your own path

    Primare’s Prisma series achieves a brilliant performance: the compact Integrated amplifier I15 is not only exceptionally powerful, but by a clever trick also supports all web services.
    With Primare’s Prisma line we now have another candidate who could raise the bar.
    The handy amplifier delivers a whopping 146 watts into four ohms, its impulse even reaches 197 watts - delivering powerful dynamics and steadfastness that you can do a small box would never dare! For his silky, never sharp and at the same time incomparably broad and spatial Meanwhile, the precursor tone is responsible - and that is very built up and analog.
    5 Stars - OUTSTANDING

    View/download full review as PDF

  • Audio Review, Italy, September 2018
    I15 Prisma: Primare I15 Prisma

    We can agree with EISA’s decision to reward this excellent Primare product. A small and elegant amplifier which also includes the functions to reproduce any audio content present on directly connected hard drives or sent over-digital inputs or streaming via network or through all the main wireless technologies. But above all, it is an apparatus capable of supplying sound, as well as features, that go well beyond expectations, considering its sale price set well under two thousand euros.

    View/download full review as PDF

  • Music Emotion, The Netherlands, October 2018
    I15 Prisma + DD15: A nice musical adventure

    The time I spent with the Primare I15 Prism and DD15 goes into the books as a nice musical adventure. Not only did this beautifully designed and pleasantly compact set offer me an interesting look at the already current future vision of Primare, I also really listened to it with great pleasure.

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