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Quad S-2 Loudspeaker (PAIR)

-25% Quad S-2 Loudspeaker

Quad S-2 Loudspeaker (PAIR)

Quad has always prided itself on providing the complete solution to music lovers. Each Quad component marries perfectly to other parts of the hi-fi system and is designed with one target – to be ‘The Closest Approach To The Original Sound’.

Quad S Series loudspeakers fulfil that objective admirably. Sporting a new ribbon treble unit aligned, through sophisticated crossover networks, to Quad’s advanced bass-midrange drivers, each and every loudspeaker in the range delivers all the nuances and passion of the original performance.

The QUAD S Series have clear and detailed upper mid-range to treble performance from a large and delicate ribbon driver taking the delicate and beautiful sound in a more powerful and modern loudspeaker.

Beautifully presented with rounded top edges at the front and rear, each speaker cabinet uses a sandwich construction of alternate layers of MDF and high-density particleboard to reduce panel resonance to below the level of audibility. 


Delicate Sound, Powerful Delivery

All S Series models sport a bespoke ribbon treble unit, delivering effortlessly extended high frequencies that are audibly superior to those supplied by typical dome tweeters. 

While many ribbon drivers are delicate, easily prone to burning out if overpowered, the new ribbon unit developed for the S Series is a thoroughly modern affair, utilising the latest techniques and materials. The ribbon itself is a sandwich construction, making it robust enough to handle high-powered amplifiers, and is fully immersed in a powerful magnetic field so that it accomplishes its dual role of being both the voice coil and sound radiator.

As well as delivering excellent transient response and superb musical detail, the sound from this ribbon unit is smooth right up to the highest musical overtones beyond the limits of human hearing. Controlled directivity maintains this sound quality over a wide horizontal arc to cover all listeners whilst vertical dispersion is tailored to avoid floor and ceiling reflections, resulting in the purest high frequency performance at the listening seat.

Specifications of the Quad S-2 loudspeaker

  • General description 2-way bookshelf speaker
  • Enclosure type vented box loudspeaker
  • Transducer complement 2-way
  • Bass / Midrange Driver 5"(125mm)woven Kevlar cone
  • Treble driver 12 x 45 mm True Ribbon
  • AV shield No
  • Sensitivity (2.83V @ 1m) 87dB
  • Recommended amplifier power 25-150W
  • Peak SPL 98dB
  • Nominal impedance 8Ω Compatible
  • Minimum Impedance 4.5Ω
  • Frequency response (+/-3dB) 48Hz ~ 22kHz
  • Bass extension (-6dB) 37Hz
  • Crossover frequency 3kHz
  • Cabinet Volume (in litres) 8.15L
  • Dimensions (H x W x D) 330 x 180 x (260+30)mm
  • Weight 6.1kg
  • Finish: Mahogany


The S-2 is fabulously dynamic, well extended, pure and clean in its revealing upper-frequency range, and offers the best low-end bass traction of any stand-mounted speaker I've heard... The Quad S-2s provided me with many hours of happy listening, and left me wringing-wet with emotion and, yes, humble gratitude. Absolutely recommended. Stereophile 

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  • Brand: Quad
  • Product Code: Quad S-2
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  • ₹80,000.00
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