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SoundFoundations XP gold OFC Speaker Cable 2.5 metre Terminated Pair

SoundFoundations XP gold OFC Speaker Cable 2.5 metre Terminated Pair

SoundFoundations XP gold OFC Speaker Cable 2.5 metre Terminated Pair

A patented magnetic flux technology coupled with an LPE double insulated soft jacket makes this SoundFoundations XP GOLD speaker cable the top choice for all mid to hi-fi home theatre installations.The sound technology and construction involved around this cable makes the audio content sound rich and "alive” with a pure tone and completely transparent presentation.

The cable features 175 strands of high-density oxygen-free copper cores inside a transparent plastic tensile magnetic flux tube (the highest any 16 gauge cable carries ) providing unparalleled audio of the highest resolution and fidelity, so you hear more of the music with deeper, tighter bass, better imaging and a powerful dynamic range. The External soft and flexible double layer of protection effectively improves the tensile strength offering high durability and shock resistance.

True 16gauge construction means that the cable is suitable for even longer runs and the double jacket makes it suitable for in-wall and ceiling installations.It's great for in-home, automotive, auditorium, school, church or business settings. Every do-it- yourself speaker project should start with Soundfoundations speaker cable.

Soundfoundations speaker cable. Product Features - Connects audio speakers to your A/V receiver or amplifier - 16AWG wire with High-strand count (7C*24=168 strands) pure 99.999 % OFC (unlike cheaper wires that are actually only copper clad aluminium conductors).

One side of the wire is marked with a ++++ sign, making it quick and easy to distinguish the polarity and get your audio system set up properly.- Fits banana plugs, spade tips or bent pin applications - Wrapped around a hard spool for dispensing, measuring, cutting & storing - A tough, yet flexible insulated jacket for undistorted sound Compatibility Fits banana plugs, spade tips or bent pin connectors, which are typically compatible with audio components like speakers, A/V receivers, amplifiers & other professional sound applications Installation Intended for custom installs. 

Please note: The cable is a no-compromise high-end ofc product with the highest copper strand count available and suitable for top end stereo and home theatre applications Flat and dual jacket construction of this cable makes it suitable for in-wall and under the carpet installations as well The patented off-white color makes the cable almost invisible in most surroundings

Technical Specifications and Measurements:

  • Outer Diameter: 8.05mm Wide, 3.92mm Tall (Variance: +/- .1mm)
  • True 99.99% OFC (7C purity)
  • Jacket Material: Linear Polyethylene (LPE)
  • Gauge : 16/15AWG ( 1.35 mm )
  • Technology Features: Time Correct windings, Magnetic Flux Tube
  • Color: Navajo White (NW)
  • Length: 2.5 metre terminated pair

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  • ₹1,850.00

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