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Supra Quadrax 4 x 2 mm Speaker Cable (Metre)

Supra Quadrax 4 x 2 mm Speaker Cable (Metre)

Supra Quadrax 4 x 2 mm Speaker Cable (Metre)

It is all new and it has all necessary characteristics of becoming a futureclassic SUPRA Cable. It is a fusion of techniques that perhaps is best described as four Star Quad-configured, one-layer-spun on insulating core, multi-strand conductors, leaving the inductance, noise pick-up and signal degradation so low, it has never before been available at this price level! 

By spinning a multi-strand layer on an insulating core, we increased the comparative conductor cross section, leading to an inductance as low as 0.3mH/m, one of our hallmarks. The result is dynamic, transient rich and transparent. We also optimized the strand spinning direction of each conductor to further enhance the low inductance, timing and interference immunity. 

Finally, this cable also offers low capacitance, a very rare combination of characteristics. Thanks to its cable geometry and high grade polypropylene insulation, the high frequency drop-off is negligible minimizing the need of any frequency compensation. This is a cable we are truly proud of and one we feel will be a worthy contestant in any Hi-Fi system.

Mechanical Specifications

  • Cross. Area:    2 / 14    (mm2/AWG)
  • No. Conductors:    4     
  • No. Wires/conductor:    120     
  • Wire Diameter:    0.15    (mm)
  • Wire Material:    Tin Plated OFC     
  • Insulation    PP     
  • Jacket:    PVC     
  • Ext. Diameter:    15    (mm)

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  • Brand: Supra Cables
  • Product Code: Quadrax 4 x 2 mm
  • Availability: In Stock
  • ₹4,500.00

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